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Dedicated applications for your business

Web & Mobile. Desktop. Cloud. ERP. IoT. SAP. Optima. Industry 4.0


"Each module is made to measure, according to our expectations and is consulted with us, so the result is the options and functionalities that interest us. The software is created together with us, so we get a module that is 100% useful to us".
Iga Drząszcz
Foreign Relations Manager w El-logic

Mobile RCP for construction workers

Building START-STOP applications for more than 100 employees of the construction company El-logic

Presence control

History of working time

Information on absenteeism, delays, interruptions

Information about the location of the employee

Advanced data reporting and visualization

All projects visible from one place

Constant access to current projects

Full visualization of all projects

Monitoring the actual location and presence of employees on the map

Cockpit App

All applications in one place – simple navigation between systems.

Warehouse application

Organize and manage your warehouses and purchases

Clear and intuitive schedule

Flexible employee scheduling

Control of changes in projects

Information on employee absence

Optimization of ERP systems

Dedicated tools for more efficient work with ERP systems (Optima, SAP).

Optimization of work in human resources / payroll

Automating the settlement of working hours

Effective communication with leaders

Integration with existing systems


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