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Centralization of distributed warehouses


  1. Having trouble managing your material flow due to multiple warehouses?

  2. Is the material flow from the central warehouse smooth?

  3. How do you control the flow of materials between warehouses?

Often a specific industry requires a specific approach to warehouse management. In a situation where a company has many warehouses, controlling materials, demand and consumption is a big challenge. 

Our client has a construction industry company and many warehouses scattered around the world. His main problem was their centralization. He needed a tool with which he would be able to fully control the current stock levels and material flow.


Our goal was to combine demanding functionalities in an easy-to-use tool that would facilitate the customer’s warehouse management.


The basis for creating the warehouse application was a thorough analysis of the requirements. Collecting the necessary functionalities made it possible to create a working environment convenient for the client. 

The application has many functionalities, some of them are:

  • Preview of current stock levels.
  • Control over the flow of materials from the central warehouse.
  • External material receipts.
  • Internal expenditures – material consumption.
  • Reserving recipients.   
  • Supplier orders.



The application was created using the React library.