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The key to revenue growth


What business processes in the company require automation and improvement?

Do employees have difficulty tracking customer contact history and maintaining relationships with them?

How is customer information collected?

Nowadays, customers expect increasingly better service and personalization of the offer. To meet these expectations, a company must have access to detailed information about its customers, their preferences and purchasing history. Without a CRM system, collecting and analyzing such information is very difficult and time-consuming. Additionally, increased competition requires companies to constantly improve their business processes, including customer service and sales. CRM tools enable better management of customer relationships and more effective marketing activities, which translates into greater sales and customer loyalty.

Our client had specific requirements for a CRM tool that would allow him to effectively manage the sales process and customer relations for a company producing fertilizers. After analyzing the solutions available on the market, we decided to propose the Pipedrive tool. This solution offers an intuitive user interface as well as a number of functionalities, such as a sales funnel view, process automation, integration with other business tools, generating reports and sales analyses. Pipedrive is also available in the cloud and offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to work from anywhere and on any device. 


The aim of implementing the Pipedrive tool at our client was to improve the sales process and enable effective management of customer relationships. 

Additionally, we also wanted to integrate with the Webcon system. Thanks to this, among other things, data regarding advice would be sent automatically to Pipedrive, which would allow for more effective management of the process of generating advice and their acceptance.  


Implementing Pipedrive in the client’s company brought many benefits, such as:

  • Increasing sales efficiency by streamlining sales processes and better managing customer data.
  • Improving customer relationships by better tracking interaction history and more effective contact planning.
  • Improved reporting and analysis of sales data, enabling better business decision-making and monitoring of sales results.
  • Enabling integration with other tools and systems that accelerate business processes and improve company operations.
  • Increasing control over the sales process, which allows for faster response to changes in the market and industry.
Additionally, the connection of Pipedrive with Webcon allowed for even more effective customer relationship management and increased efficiency of the sales process. The integration of these two tools allows you to fully use the potential of both systems, which leads to even greater benefits for the company. 

Business benefits

The implementation of Pipedrive in combination with the Webcon system enables more effective management of the sales process through better monitoring of the sales funnel and process automation, which leads to increased work efficiency and time savings. Additionally, it increases the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities, improves customer relations and leads to an increase in the company’s turnover.