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Plan your project


Is project planning a lot of time for you?

Do you know what tasks each person on the project has?

Do you have information about the differences between the planned and actual working hours?

Work planning is the first stage of effective project management. It is a key element without which the implementation phase will not be able to be conducted effectively. Thanks to good planning of work, project managers can assign individual tasks to appropriate employees and know whether the time spent on their implementation falls within the established assumptions.

However, the work of a planner requires spending a lot of time on the proper organization of tasks for the team. It often takes many hours and days. Our client needed an application that would make it easier for his employees to plan work. A tool with which the project manager will be able to select its duration, enter a list of subtasks and assign them to individual employees.


Our goal was to create an application in line with the client’s needs, which would be easy to use and allow planners to conveniently plan tasks for the team.


Our team created an application that significantly improved the quality of the project planning stage, and thus the subsequent implementation of tasks. It offers many functionalities, some of which are:

  • Determining subtasks on the project.
  • Assignment of tasks to selected employees.
  • Read mode for people implementing the project.
  • Current information on how much time has been used in relation to the original arrangements.
  • A chart additionally visualizing the data.


The reports were created using the React library.

Business benefits

Reduction of task scheduling time.

Improving communication between team members and the project manager.

Reduced risk of uncontrollably spending more time on a task than planned.