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Effective implementation of business processes


Are there any production restrictions?

How important is communication in the production process and how to ensure it?

What materials are used in the production process?

A manufacturing process is a series of activities that are performed to produce a specific product. It is often complex and requires careful planning to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to automate and improve their business activities, which requires the implementation of modern IT solutions. SAP Development, SAP BTP, SAP CAP and SAP UI5 programming allow you to create business applications that are integrated with SAP systems and enable process automation.

There was a need to systematize the production process using injection molding machines:

1. Production planning.

2. Preparation of raw materials.

3. Programming of injection molding machines.

4. Production implementation.

5. Quality control.

6. Storage.

7. Sales.

The SAP platform allows you to manage and control all stages of production, which allows for effective and precise management of the production process.


The goal was to create IT solutions consistent with business needs that would enable process automation, improve efficiency and streamline the company’s operations, as well as enable the integration of the SAP module with injection molding machines.


A number of applications have been created to facilitate the management of the production process by automating and centralizing certain activities. The risk of planning errors has been minimized as applications can provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

Production is based on SAP technology. This production process uses integrated SAP modules to enable efficient management of injection molding machines. Injection molding machines are important devices used in the production process, and their integration allows for ongoing monitoring and optimization of this process.


SAP Development is a comprehensive field of activities related to the creation and development of applications based on the SAP platform.

SAP BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform) is a hybrid cloud from SAP that allows you to create and integrate business applications.

SAP CAP (SAP Cloud Application Programming Model) is a framework that allows you to easily create business applications in the SAP cloud.

SAP UI5 is a programming language and toolkit for creating user interfaces for SAP applications.

Business benefits

Business benefits of using the SAP platform:

  1. Scalability and flexibility.

  2. Integration and cooperation.

  3. Fast project implementation