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  1. How long does it take to locate a fault on a given machine?

  2. Do your employees get real-time information about what part of the machine has failed?

  3. Do you have a device repair tool?

Plant Maintenance 4.0 with Augmented Reality

View of the entire production line

Companies with a large number of machines often face the problem of their failure. However, repair is not a problem in itself. Diagnosing the fault is often the greatest difficulty.

Our client needed a tool that would make it easier for his employees to locate machine failures. He wanted the controller to send a notification when the device is damaged. After receiving such information, the employee puts on glasses  and at this point receives instructions indicating where to go to eliminate the problem. He approaches the machine,  scans the appropriate code  and receives instructions with a description of the error and a list of steps to be taken to fix the machine.


Our goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly tool, thanks to which the employee  will be able to diagnose the damage to the machine in a very short time.


A tool was created that combines data from the PLC with the visualization of machine elements. It has many functionalities that help  in servicing and repairing, some of them are:

  • Virtual image of machines, reflecting their real location.
  • Animations indicating places that have failed.
  • Communication with the controller, which informs on an ongoing basis what has been done and what else has failed.


The visualizations that show the Hololens glasses were created using the Unity engine.