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Mobile warehouse application


El – work is a warehouse application with a number of functionalities  supporting  the employee in the course of everyday work It helps leaders and other employees to easily and legibly account for physical items and  facilitate  keeping  order in the  warehouse.


The client needed a clear and ergonomic application that would enable a smooth flow of information on individual projects. When a company employs a very large number of employees who additionally work in different places, it is sometimes difficult to control what is happening with each meter or piece of a given material. Our application helps to organize it in a simple and legible way. It supports employees in accounting for the materials they use, and leaders in verifying their use in the entire warehouse, additionally giving the possibility of communication.


The application was created using Flutter technology.


Materials in stock – this functionality allows you to check the stock levels on individual construction sites. The leader of a given project has access to one or several warehouses, depending on how many he is assigned to. He selects the list of those he has access to using the drop-down list. After selecting a warehouse, a list of materials is displayed. Each material has a photo, name and information about the number of pieces. They are divided into categories and indexes that enable their filtering. There is also an offset option on each material. It allows you to display additional material details and transfer the material to a selected employee or warehouse. Depending on the role of the user, the user sees certain functionalities.  

Employees – functionality intended for the leader of a given project. He sees a list of materials that are assigned to specific people on his team. It can filter by the list of employees, which allows you to instantly see who has what materials. In addition, it also has the option of returning or using the selected material. Returning to stock is easy and requires only the quantity. When the material is consumed, it is also possible to write a comment as well as take and add a photo. 

Inventory – this functionality is designed to make it easier for employees to dispose of their materials. The worker can see the list of materials he has. Each material has a name, photo and quantity as well as information about the warehouse along with the date. He has the option of returning the material or using it. 

Chat – functionality to enable communication within projects. It is a simple and clear view that allows you to exchange messages. The employee may additionally take and post a photo or file. When executing the options of material consumption, the application automatically generates a comment on the appropriate chat, which enables quick and convenient documentation of the work.

Web version

The establishment of  El – Work was preceded by a web version – the Magazyn application. The transfer of functionalities to the mobile application was aimed at extending  the  existing ones and introducing new ones.  It was also important for the employees that they do not always have access to the computer while they are on the project. That is why it was so important to enable them to work on mobile devices. Thanks to  the mobile application, technical workers  can  manage their materials on an ongoing basis and without any problems.