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Microsoft 365

Your mobile workplace


Has it happened to you that someone went on vacation and you urgently needed the document on which he was working?

Do you have backups of your daily files?

How do you plan a meeting for more people?

When running a company, employers care about good communication and  efficient execution of orders by employees. Unfortunately, there is often a problem with chaos – both in terms of communication and task. Too many files stored in different places, no backups, or difficulties in scheduling working and meeting times.


The goal of Microsoft 365 is to improve the efficiency and comfort of work as well as perfect communication in the company. 


Our team runs a comprehensive implementation of Microsoft 365. The whole thing is done in 3 steps:

  1. Check what the client has.
  2. Choosing the appropriate licenses.
  3. Configuration.

The implementation of Microsoft 365 in the company provides a number of benefits:

  • No additional licenses are needed for the following applications: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • The level of communication in the team increases.
  • The problem of file clutter is gone.
  • Data security increases.
  • Work is possible from any place and device.

The main pillars of Microsoft 365

1. Exchange – e-mail with a scheduling assistant that facilitates collaboration in a team and with clients. It has a priority inbox, thanks to which important messages are properly highlighted.

2. Sharepoint – One common place to store files. It allows access from any device (tablet, phone, web browser), has  a version history and ensures security.

3. Planner – a project management tool. With it, you can  create Kanban boards, assign tasks to employees or read charts.

4. Teams – application for communication and teamwork. It allows for the instant exchange of information and  conducting online meetings  with both the team and  external clients

5. OneDrive – a virtual drive where the stored files are available from any place and device. It allows you to share them and edit them together.