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Vehicle fleet

Vehicle management application


How do you manage your vehicle fleet?

Are you booking a car by phone or e-mail?

Are you using a spreadsheet as your main data source?

Our client runs a company from the construction industry. Manages a fleet of vehicles, which is associated with the dedication of a lot of time and attention. In order to increase the efficiency of this process, as well as to facilitate its maintenance, a special tool was needed, allowing for booking and reporting various needs or events related to vehicles. One of the customer’s big problems was the lack of control over the service and maintenance of vehicles, which increased the costs of the entire fleet, generated an increased amount of work and made it difficult to use specific vehicles.


Our goal was to create a fleet management tool that would solve the problems related to booking, availability or management.


The resulting application was made especially for the customer’s process. Thanks to it, the maintenance of the fleet has become convenient for employees, and the workload required for its operation has decreased by several dozen percent. 

In the first version, in line with the business assumptions, the application was primarily to facilitate the booking of vehicles by employees so that everyone could easily  and quickly check which vehicle is available and use it for their needs, or report faults or collisions.

The second version was created  to further simplify the maintenance of the fleet,  service books for each car have been added, containing all information about the service history, kilometers traveled or insurance.

Book your vehicle in 3 easy steps


The application was created using the Webcon platform.