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Employee folder

Many documents, one place


Are you a business owner and employ workers?

Does your HR department spend a lot of time managing documents related to hiring employees?

Are your employees’ documents in one place?

Having a developing company is associated with a constantly increasing number of employees. On the other hand, the larger the team, the greater the number of documents that need to be managed. Our client has a large enterprise that at some point began to deal with such a situation. The number of contracts, certificates and certificates was constantly growing and there was a need for their efficient administration.


Our goal was to support the client. We wanted to prepare a working environment that would help him manage the increasing number of documents in a transparent and convenient way.


Our team started with a new look at the requirements analysis and clarification of the most important issues for the client . After careful consideration of all the topics, it remained to create an application. 

A practical and clear working environment was created, with a carefully thought-out interface, tailored to the client’s needs.  It has many functionalities facilitating the management of employee documents. Some of them are:

  • Automatically generate contracts and attachments based on the employee’s electronic file.
  • Reminders of mandatory examinations, permissions and expiring contracts.
  • Full integration of employee accounts with the Work Time Registration System.
  • Transparent reports on contracts, internships, positions, qualifications, research.
  • The ability to automatically create employee accounts for separate systems when creating a folder.   
  • Managing permissions to files and systems.
  • Integration of user accounts with Microsoft 365.



The application was created using the Webcon platform.