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  1. How do you manage warehouse locations?

  2. Do warehouse processes run smoothly?

  3. What is the order picking process like?

Work in warehouses should be both smooth and dynamic. Unfortunately, problems often arise when picking orders. Scanning multiple labels takes time and precision.

Our client needed a device that would facilitate the work of his subordinates. A tool thanks to which both forklift employees and  people from the receiving or shipping department will stop using bulky scanners that not only prolonged work, but also blocked multitasking.


A compact scanner that will improve  the comfort of work, allow for more efficient performance of tasks, speed up warehouse processes and eliminate the need to put away handheld scanners.


The scanner placed in the glove is a device that integrates with warehouse processes and can be tailored to the needs of a specific warehouse. It is light and comfortable to use. Its main advantages are:

  • Order picking made easy.
  • Accelerated product scanning and order approval.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks without having to put the device down.
  • Shortened order fulfillment time.
  • Integration with the client’s existing warehouse application.


Scanner software was developed using React and SAP.