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Innovative work time recording system


Do you still use paper attendance lists?

Do your employees spend a lot of time preparing payroll reports?

Do you have insight into the working time of your subcontractors?

Our client owns a company whose employees are located all over the world. He needed a tool that would make it easier for his employees to register working time. Until now, data on hours, attendances and absences has been collected with considerable delay and often inaccurate. In order to collect them, e-mails and spreadsheets were used. This led to high inaccuracies in the current cost analysis and in subsequent settlements.  An additional difficulty was the different regulations in the countries regarding working hours. 


Our goal was to create a web and mobile application that would solve the  difficulties of a company with employees scattered around the world.

The web version was to provide users with a few simple HR and financial reports.

In the Start-Stop application, we wanted a highly simplified view in order to facilitate accessibility for non-technical people, so that it could be used by anyone, regardless of age or ability to use the phone.


Reports have a number of functionalities, which include, among others:

  • Support for many companies.
  • Commuting to work.
  • Working time limits.
  • RCP exemptions. 
  • Work plan.
  • Integration with the ERP system. 
  • Possibility of recording working time on many types of devices. 
  • A number of tools for quickly entering backlogs. 
  • Integration with external systems and – downloading data on leaves and dismissals of various employees.
  • Night shift work, unpaid breaks, weekends, weekend bonuses.
  • Information about public holidays and statutory holidays. 

Start-Stop mobile application:

  • It allows you to verify the hours and then accept, correct or remove them to the person who is the leader of the project. It boils down to the fact that the leader can confirm or reject the correctness of working time registration.
  • The leader can set delegations for selected employees.
  • The application notifies employees about the lack of time registration when the employee should be in it according to the work plan.
  • Informs leaders about unaccepted and unverified working hours of its team members. Thanks to such notifications, employees remember about working time registration, and the leader about the obligation to modify.
  • The application also works offline. In the absence of the Internet, the working time is synchronized the next time you connect to the Internet.


The mobile application was created using the React Native framework, and the web application using the React library.

Business benefits

Reducing working time registration to a minimum.

Cost savings.

Positive impact on the planner’s relationship with the rest of the team.