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Cost invoices

Financial liquidity under control


How long does it take you to enter an invoice into the system?

Do the documents reach you on time?

Have you found yourself in a situation where the supplier has stopped the delivery of your goods due to missing the payment deadline for invoices?

These and other questions were asked during the conversation with the client in order to analyze his requirements. Our client operates in the construction industry and has had to deal with a situation in which invoices from completed construction sites were received even two months after the deadline. The long process of registering invoices had a negative impact on the functioning of the entire business. After thorough analysis, our team started modeling the system and developing the necessary solutions.


Our goal was to create a friendly working environment that would allow the client to carry out the invoicing process in a fast and transparent manner. After additional analysis, we wanted the application to meet the required assumptions, such as:

  • Invoices in the system in seconds
  • Streamlined posting process
  • Quick invoice verification and search
  • Financial liquidity under control



One of the main challenges was the integration with the customer’s current Comarch Optima ERP system. It was important to adapt, not to create everything from scratch. An application was created, thanks to which the accounting department receives notifications and legible reports, it can see what is necessary to pay in the first place.  After implementing OCR, the invoice goes to the system in a few seconds and there is no longer the problem of late invoices.

The cost invoice has a number of functionalities that facilitate the management of the invoicing process:

  • Registration of a new invoice in the system.
  • Automatic data input by the system on the basis of invoices (invoices are recognized by artificial intelligence).
  • Easy invoice settlement process.
  • Access to history.
  • The ability to export an invoice to Excel.   
  • Reading invoices from mailboxes.

5-step invoicing process


The application was created using the Webcon platform.