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Manage machine failures


Do machine failures happen in your production plant?

How quickly are your employees able to react to sudden failures?

Do you have constant monitoring of the functioning of your production plant?

Machine failures are the most common problem in production plants. The functioning of the entire company depends on their proper operation, which is why it is so important that the repair process runs smoothly. 

Both smaller defects and more serious failures have a negative impact on the maintenance of constant production in the production, if they are not dealt with quickly enough. The lack of continuous monitoring of the functioning of the production plant results in a lack of control over the state of repairs, and thus leads to large delays and downtimes.

Our client needed an application that would combine the forces of mechanics, electricians and automation specialists, thus improving the maintenance process.


Our goal was to create an application that will significantly improve the maintenance of traffic flow in the client’s production plant. A tool with which employees will be able to manage machine failures.


Our team has created an intuitive application that, thanks to a clear layout, will significantly help employees to control machine failures. It has many easy-to-use functionalities, some of which are:

  • Production hall layout import from SVG files.
  • Interactive map editor.
  • Constant monitoring of the functioning of the production plant
  • Repetitive crash reports.
  • Clear division of tasks between employees / maintenance engineers.


The application was created using the SAP system and the React library.