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Individualized approach to the client


How do you manage contacts with contractors?

Does your company spend too much time on administrative matters?

Do you have all your customer information in one place?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is aimed at managing contacts with customers. It is one of the most extensive and fastest growing categories of enterprise software. It helps to take care of the client and thus build lasting relationships with him. 

Our client needed a personalized working environment that would increase efficiency, provide transparent access to all documents relating to clients, and thus, in a broader perspective, help in the further development of the company.


Our goal was to create a friendly work environment that would significantly improve business relations and help our client to dynamically develop the company.


The relationship with customers has always been the foundation of our team. Thanks to experience and additional arrangements, an application was created, which on the one hand is very easy to use, and on the other hand, solves the difficulties encountered in managing contacts. Some of its functionalities are:

  • Adding a new company, contact, document.
  • Activity logging.
  • Managing contacts.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Overview of current reports.
  • Integration with e-mail.
  • Performance management.



The application was created using the Webcon platform.