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Reduce costs and improve safety.
Digital transformation is a new way of organizing the company.

What is digital transformation? Fulfill your daily duties in a new and better way.

Digital business transformation is the transformation of business activities, processes, products and models to take full advantage of digital technology. It connects people, business and technology. It creates new customer experiences.

Digital transformation solutions can help increase revenue by more than 30%. A recent survey showed that 89% of digital organizations plan to adopt a business strategy based on digital technology.

Key benefits of the digital transition

A good digital transformation strategy helps to increase creativity, think outside the box and create new ways to organize processes. This is possible through the use of new technologies such as large datasets, cloud computing, machine learning and extended analytics.

Data security

Keep company data away from hacker attacks.

Reduce costs

Reducing costs by up to 90% will increase your competitive advantage.

Process improvement

Increased control and financial liquidity, better communication with the customer and within the company.

Digital transformation at our client:
EL-LOGIC case study

The use of digitization in the process of cost invoices at El-logic has helped to improve productivity, reduce costs, control finances and increase data security.

Better control of invoice flow means more liquidity.


What benefits have the change brought to the company

Invoice flow

The cost invoices go to the accounting department on the same day.

Financial control

Thanks to this, there is a larger round of invoices, invoices do not get lost, there are notifications of deficiencies.


Cash-flow for 2 months ahead, advanced filtering helps to analyze bottlenecks faster

Simplification of the process

No need to describe anything, just upload the invoice to the system and OCR will read the data itself.


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