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Modelling of organizational processes

Success is a well-ordered process. We can help your company in this success.




Analysis of current business processes

Our business analysts from different functional areas will help you to transfer, optimize and organize the flow of information, documents and data in different business areas. They will guide you through the whole process, identify problems and eliminate bottlenecks and prepare ready solutions. Thanks to wide experience our specialists will help in such areas as: Production, Logistics, HR, Finance

Domain modelling

The heart of the workshop and the starting point for the whole business model are domain events. We had to define the activities that are to take place during the operation of the modeled software.

Functional and technical analysis

The work schedule and the vast amount of information gained during the meeting with the business is analyzed in more details. It is already possible to distinguish individual events, activities, users, which will help us to select actions in appropriate groups. Functional and technical analysis is another important step to the proper arrangement of the process.

Work schedule, objectives, priority tasks

The next step is to translate all the actions into objectives, determine which tasks should be taken up first and organize them into a schedule, which are thoroughly discussed at the next meeting with the client.

Advantages of Event Storming

Understanding of the domain

The exchange of knowledge between technical experts and the domain will allow to explore the problem and outline the process.

Common language

Finding a common and uniform language and unifying concepts between business and programming.

Smooth operation

One workshop lasting several hours instead of longer planning processes.


Full process awareness is the key to delivering the right product.

Problem identification

A simple problem analysis tool will help to eliminate so-called bottlenecks.


The meeting will allow for integration of the team based on conversation and involvement of both parties.

What the participants of the meeting say

"He is very impressed! The meeting was conducted very thoroughly and concretely. I didn't think we could discuss so much in such a short time. We saw every element of the process."
Grzegorz Kulawik
CEO El-logic
"At first I was skeptical about this type of event. However, contrary to appearances, we discovered a lot. We certainly improved communication in the team."
Iga Drząszcz
"Respect! Amazing brainstorming, and the fact that all participants were equally involved... wow :)."
Piotr Lubas
Sales Department


By organizing the processes of individual departments you can raise your company to a higher level