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Your working time always up to date


  1. How do you manage time for specific tasks in your company?

  2. Do you know how many hours were spent on the project?

  3. Do your employees have the ability to quickly verify their working time?

Completed projects are aimed at bringing income to the company. However, what if the entire department worked on given tasks, and in total their working time was much greater than the profits in the company?

Our client wanted clear cost estimates that would provide reliable information on the working time spent on specific tasks. He needed a tool that would give his employees the ability to quickly verify how much longer they could work on a given task.


Our goal was to provide the client with a tool in which each employee would be able to register the actual hours spent on individual projects.


The created application has a friendly interface that gives users the ability to easily and quickly register working time for tasks. It has such functionalities as:

  • Possibility to set the working time in accordance with the adopted standard, e.g. working time on specific days of the week.
  • Defining tasks for a specific day of the month.
  • A calendar that allows you to quickly assign multiple tasks for several days.
  • Pinning tasks, allowing you to permanently display a given task.
  • Ease of searching by title or ID.
  • Option to download tasks from a given view to CSV format.


The software for scanners was created using the Flutter tool.