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Robotization of business processes in the companies

Robotic Process Automation is not only a fashionable password. It is widely used in business, reducing costs or increasing customer satisfaction. ML algorithms can be used in applications in virtually all sectors – from e-commerce to finance, health care, education, cyber security to charity.

Robotic Process Automation is a step into the future and a modern approach to process efficiency management, allowing for activities between multiple IT systems without human intervention.

The benefits of RPA

See what you can gain your business by robbing some elements in the company.

Automation of tasks

Automation and significant acceleration of repetitive office activities

Error control

Eliminate errors in tasks caused by employee fatigue or distractions

Shorter working hours

Shorter process time and continuity of operation 24/7

Increase in quality

Higher quality and performance without changes in IT systems

Increase in productivity

The ability to handle more tasks – increased operational capacity


Development of employees – more valuable professional competences

Lower costs

Lower process costs, return on investment possible just a few months after implementation

New culture

Creating a culture of knowledge-based innovation

Process monitoring

More time for cost control and operational work

Implementation of robotization at our client:
El-logic case study

The use of the robot to optimize the billing of more than 100 employees has brought limited time and financial benefits

Optimization of employee settlements

Lack of up-to-date information from the construction site, time consuming work, communication chaos, are just some of the difficulties that have been removed thanks to the implementation of robotization in the company.

Benefits of using the robot in the process of billing over 100 employees

Saved 160+ working hours

More than a month of work was saved in HR Department.

Rapid exportation

Exporting employee data to the Optima system in a few minutes

Reporting errors eliminated

More than half of the reporting errors were eliminated.

Easier and faster information flow Implementation of the robot into Transmobil

The robot communicates with an external service, Transmobil, downloads only those data that were previously programmed and passes them to the system in the company.

Thanks to this, the data about the status of cars are kept up to date.

Robotic Process Automation can be used in virtually any industry

Artificial intelligence can support your business in many ways. Replace tedious duties with a robot and employees will take on more creative work

Accounting processes

Human resources processes

Purchasing processes

Sales processes

Financial processes

Logistic processes